To Arvand Industrial Gases Co.

Arvand Industrial Gases Co. (A.I.G) is a private company established in 2011, located in Petrochemical special zone in the city of Mahshahr, Bandar IMAM Khomeini, IRAN. 


A.I.G is one of the biggest producers of industrial gasses in the region. We produce Liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCO₂) to Coca-Cola and other carbonated standard specification. Our machinery was purchased from UNION which is accredited by international standard organization. A.I.G aims to produce a maintain and high quality product in the region, we distribute food grade CO₂.


A.I.G continues to expand its global track ambitiously, we keep a high level of rapport with other manufacturers' to maintain a safe, environmentally and efficient distribution to the district. Due to the economical growth, we are now proud to offer raw materials for food, beverages pharmaceuticals, healthcare and many others in its sector.


Our vision is to maintain the coordination and harmony as a group while having a marginal growth which will assist us in becoming an exceptional raw material supplier in the region. A.I.G has been established as a considerable supplier and has the opportunity to invest in other Industrial gases which has a high demand in the market.
Our goal is to bring complete satisfaction to the client in order of quality, prices and delivery time.




Highly trained and experienced employees have assisted Arvand Gas to provide a safe and environmental friendly production.

Allowing flow of information and eagerness of sharing those details. 
Arvand Gas has a highly skilled team that strive inachieving goals and ensuring utmost professionalism within the organization. This is a vital point for our company.

We observe different but similar manufacturers to sustain the business culture and principal in the organization.  

We as a company analyze information from all our sources such as employees and stake holders etc, to discuss elements within the company and create the best possible conclusion for progression.